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Abby McKibben. 2015 Nuffield Scholar

Nuffield isn’t just a professional development experience, but one of the most impactful personal development experiences money can’t buy. You don’t just see the world with Nuffield, you meet the world. From India to the USA and Middle East, I’ve been to places and met people that have undoubtedly changed my life and the things I’ll do with it next. Time away from the farm and family isn’t easy, but with the global Nuffield alumni supporting you every step of the way, followed by the knowledge you bring back, I guarantee it will be worth it. It’s said that innovation in your own operation rarely comes from ideas in your own industry or your own country and this is the value of Nuffield. To really understand a country, visit it and talk to the people who rely on it to live. Add another layer with Nuffield by visiting it with people from other countries and other industries to see it through their eyes, then see how much broader your perspective gets and how much deeper your understanding goes.

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