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Abby McKibben

Nuffield Australia 2015 Scholarship winner

Abby McKibben, from Roaring Beach in Tasmania, received a Nuffield Scholarship supported by Blundstone Australia, The Robert Gatenby Memorial Trust, Roberts Limited and Tasmanian Alkaloids. She studied luxury seafood marketing, with an aim to raise the markets perceived value of Australian seafood.

Abby works for Huon Aquaculture, the world’s largest privately owned salmon farm which produces just over 12-thousand tonnes of fresh salmon and trout per year, and value-adds smoked products and caviar. She manages the company’s Reserve Selection, a boutique range of hand-crafted artisan smoked products.

Abby believes there is a real opportunity to better brand the luxury seafood category within the broader high-end sector.

“Unlike European and even North American counterparts, there are still very few so called luxury seafood brands in Australia that the everyday consumer would be able to recall,” she explains.

With the growing Australian demand for seafood, Abby believes the opportunity has never been greater for domestic seafood companies to realise true product value in a traditionally consumer-price driven sector.

Abby attended the Terra Madre food festival in Italy, as well as visiting key global regions that have used ‘place’ successfully to increase their brand and overall value proposition, such as Switzerland, France and the USA.

Location: Roaring Beach, Tasmania
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