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Tamara Uebergang, 2019 Scholar

Tamara Uebergang, 2019 Scholar

Tamara Uebergang from Miles, Queensland, receives a Nuffield Scholarship supported by the Sylvia and Charles Viertel Foundation. Through her research, she will investigate alternative fuel sources and energy solutions for Australia’s agricultural sector.

Having trained at Marcus Oldham, Tamara is the farm manager at her family’s property, Berwyndale Pastoral. The operation grows a rotation of cotton, wheat, chickpeas, sorghum and mung beans, as well as a small herd of cattle.

Berwyndale co-exists with resource extractions, most notably CSG, and has engaged with various energy companies for more than 20 years. Tamara said this interaction has yielded many great lessons, compromises and mutual benefits.

“As farmers, it is our responsibility to ensure judicial use of such finite resources and to conduct a thorough investigation of sustainable approaches to farming,” she said.

“Compounded by public discussion and media headlines, I’m interested in exploring alternative energy sources such as solar, waste to energy and hydrogen. Currently, our biggest farm expenses include diesel and synthetic fertiliser – and I believe that there must be another way forward.”

“Farmers work hard to maintain a social license through continued engagement and best practice management. I look forward to visiting the UK and Europe, where the renewable energy market is booming, as well as India, which is a key customer for our cotton and chick peas industries.”

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