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Renée Anderson, 2019 Scholar

Renée Anderson, 2019 Scholar

Renée Anderson an irrigation farmer from Emerald, Queensland, receives a Nuffield Scholarship with support from Cotton Australia and the Cotton Research and Development Corporation (CRDC).

Renée’s research will focus on highlighting better management practices that not only improve the social, environmental and economic sustainability of agriculture, but also clearly communicate positive farming practices to consumers and drive broader community support for the industry.

Renée grows mixed irrigated crops, including cotton, chickpeas and popcorn, across her 455 hectare operation. She also works one day a week as the Central Highlands Regional Manager for Cotton Australia.

Having worked in agronomy for 20 years, Renée has observed many barriers to effective adoption of better environmental management practices and consumer communications, and is motivated to research strategies to overcome these barriers.

“Urban and rural communities alike have a keen focus on environmental, welfare and sustainability issues, and these issues can directly impact farm management and consumer purchasing decisions,” Renée said.

“Building the capability of our industry to demonstrate the benefits of modern agriculture, and drawing connections between practices, communication and social licence for the industry is critical.”

Renée will meet with experts in agricultural research and communications throughout Europe, the United States and Canada on her study tour.

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