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Rebecca Comiskey, 2019 Scholar

Rebecca Comiskey, 2019 Scholar

Rebecca Comiskey a beef producer from Central Queensland, receives a Nuffield Scholarship with support from The Yulgilbar Foundation.

Rebecca will be using her scholarship to research modern technologies that can be incorporated into beef production systems to increase the rate of genetic gain and enhance key profit drivers such as fertility, market compliance and production efficiencies.

Her experience as co-operator of Melton Grazing, an 8,500 hectare cattle business near Alpha, has seen Rebecca focus on rigorous breeder management, marketing and improving the eating quality of progeny sold with several niche market accreditations including MSA, Grasslands, Organics and European Union.

While her focus has been running a profitable business, Rebecca also holds a philosophy of working with nature and using cattle to improve soil and water health, and is keen to discover emerging methods for improving the productivity and sustainability of beef businesses.

“If we can’t measure it, we can’t manage it, and I am excited by the benefits open to producers through technologies like genomics, that can provide information on hard to measure traits and enable more targeted seedstock selection,” Rebecca said.

“I’m looking forward to exploring beef production methods around the world and learning more about the opportunities that better data and modern technologies can bring to our industry.”

Researching businesses that are experiencing rapid genetic progress to meet breeding objectives, Rebecca will travel to Ireland, South America, the United States and South Africa.

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