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2016 Nuffield Australia National Conference

The Nuffield Australia National Conference brings together over 300 primary producers from a wide cross section of industries and regions from Australia and overseas. These are industry leaders and influencers with a thirst for new technology and innovation.

This year it was held in Adelaide, South Australia, where more than 25 Scholars presented the findings of their research projects and scholarship experience. These presentations are now available to view (below). Additional speaker presentations are also available.

The conference was followed by a two-day regional tour to Kangaroo Island, enjoyed by more than 60 Scholars, partners and investors.

A Summary of the Program

  • Wednesday, 14 September: Welcome Cocktail Reception at Mercure Grosvenor Hotel, Adelaide
  • Thursday, 15 September: Conference day one at Adelaide Convention Centre
  • Thursday, 15 September: Awards Dinner at Adelaide Oval
  • Friday, 16 September: Conference day two at Adelaide Convention Centre
  • Friday, 16 September: Friday Night Reunion Party at Adelaide Casino
  • Saturday 17 – Monday 19 September: Regional Tour of Kangaroo Island


Returning Scholar Presentations

Note: All video presentations are hosted on YouTube

Theme: Leadership, Communication and Information

Bernadette Mortensen, Mangrove Mountain, NSW Watch Presentation
How farmers can manage urban encroachment, unfavourable public perception and legislative change. Land Use and development — farming viability in a changing landscape.

Jock Graham, Coolac, NSW Watch Presentation
Communication technology solutions for farm enterprises (to provide high-speed internet and better communications to users).

Ben Haslett, Murtho, SA Watch Presentation
How rural communities can secure information, infrastructure and representation required to be competitive in a world market.

Ben Allomes, Woodville, NZ Watch Presentation
How can self-awareness and self-reflection ignite a farmer’s motivation to engage in leadership?

Theme: Welfare and Husbandry

Han Shiong Siah, Humpty Doo, NT Watch Presentation
Alternate and cost-effective methods to control flying feral vermin.

Thomas Snare, Boat Harbour, TAS Watch Presentation
Large-scale calf rearing for dairy beef production and lean management in agriculture.

James Mifsud, Goulburn, NSW Watch Presentation
Animal welfare standards in the poultry industry.

Robert Peffer, Molong, NSW Watch Presentation
World’s best practice in non-cage egg production systems.

Theme: Productivity / New Technology

Michael Craig, Harrow, VIC Watch Presentation
Australian sheep meat industry’s ability to create value in changing environmental, economic and social conditions.

Thomas Eastlake, Young, NSW Watch Presentation
Cold chain management, post-harvest fruit handling and packaging of cherries.

Wade Mann, Lake Haven, NSW Watch Presentation
Integrated Pest Management (IPM) strategies for greenhouse hydroponic production of berry crops.

James Terry, Koo Wee Rup, VIC Watch Presentation
Economic sustainability of vegetable farming (growing techniques, soil science, supply chain efficiencies, use of improved technology, value-adding and marketing).

Theme: Marketing, Value Adding and the Supply Chain

Abby McKibben, Roaring Beach, TAS Watch Presentation
Brand of origin: The benefits and challenges of provenance marketing for producers.

Fiona Hall, Orange, NSW Watch Presentation
Innovation to close the gap between producer and retailer profits.

Matt McVeigh, Dalby, QLD Watch Presentation
Methods of improving the quality of Australian cotton and competing against synthetic fibres into the future.

Lachlan Allen, Adelaide, SA (GTA Fellow) Watch Presentation
Supply chain organisations — how they can connect with growers to help them achieve a successful grain growing enterprise. Better engagement with growers to provide a service.

Theme: Managing the Land — Soil, Water and Inputs

Adam McVeigh, Dalby, QLD Watch Presentation
Sustainable high yields from continuous double cropping with centre pivot irrigation — Turning water into cashflow.

Reece Curwen, South Stirling, WA Watch Presentation
The dynamics between broadacre farming and labour management systems used to maximise productivity.

Nathan Free, Lake Boga, VIC Watch Presentation
Variety selection and soil amendments during conversion from conventional to certified organic farming.

Thomas Quigley, Trangie, NSW Watch Presentation
Growing cotton under pressurised overhead sprinkler irrigation.

Theme: Business Structure and Management

 Andrew Baldock, Kimba, SA Watch Presentation
Building the family — building and retaining a multi-generational farm business.

Andrew Freeth, Collie, NSW Watch Presentation
Investment in on farm grain storage and logistics.

Jonathan Dyer, Kaniva, VIC Watch Presentation
An investigation of the implications of collecting ‘big’ data on farm.

Derek Tiller, Pinery, SA Watch Presentation
Family farm business decisions, improved outcomes from better decisions.

Additional Speakers:

Tim Hunt, General Manager, Rabobank’s Food & Agribusiness Research and Advisory Watch Presentation

Cecilia Fialho, 2015 Nuffield International Scholar, focusing on GMO usage overseas Watch Presentation

Dr Allan Green, Chief Research Scientist at CSIRO Agriculture and Food Watch Presentation

Tobias Marchand, Managing Director – Bayer Crop Science, Pty Ltd Watch Presentation

Peter Gooday, Acting Executive Director, Australian Bureau of Agricultural Resource Economics and Sciences  Watch Presentation

Dennis Hoiberg, Lesson Learned, ‘Change Management and Resilience’ Watch Presentation

Sharon Morrell, 2015 New Zealand Nuffield Scholar Watch Presentation

Holly Beckett, 2015 UK Nuffield Scholar Watch Presentation


We thank Rabobank, our platinum sponsor of the 2016 conference:

Rabobank logo
We also thank John Deere, MLA and Zoetis, gold sponsors of the 2016 conference:

John Deer logo MLA logo Zoetis logo

We also thank our silver sponsors of the 2016 conference:

  • KPMG
  • Bayer Crop Science
  • AGT Breeding
  • Landmark
  • Food Agility CRC
  • The Yield
  • Nufarm
  • Glencore Grain – Viterra




Nicola Raymond, Programs Operations Manager:
Phone: 0406 761 798

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