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Scholars reflections


Nigel Corish

2014 Scholar. From Goondiwindi in Queensland

The opportunity to travel around the world for 16 weeks and meet and visit successful and innovative farmers was amazing.

A Nuffield Scholarship has changed my philosophy on farming and the farming practices in my own business. To be questioned on my farming practices was challenging, but now after completing the scholarship it has given me the confidence to implement change and improve our farming practices, as well as the ability to make better business decisions.

A Nuffield farming Scholarship gives you the opportunity to become part of a network of great farmers around the world wanting to improve and advance agriculture.

Being part of Nuffield you soon realise that farmers around the world face the same challenges and we can learn from each other to succeed.

This is by the far the best thing I have ever undertaken in relationship to farming, business and personal development


Abby McKibben

2015 Scholar. From Roaring Beach in Tasmania

Nuffield isn’t just a professional development experience, but one of the most impactful personal development experiences money can’t buy.

You don’t just see the world with Nuffield, you meet the world.

From India to the USA and Middle East, I’ve been to places and met people that have undoubtedly changed my life and the things I’ll do with it next.

Time away from the farm and family isn’t easy, but with the global Nuffield alumni supporting you every step of the way, followed by the knowledge you bring back, I guarantee it will be worth it.

It’s said that innovation in your own operation rarely comes from ideas in your own industry or your own country and this is the value of Nuffield.

To really understand a country, visit it and talk to the people who rely on it to live. Add another layer with Nuffield by visiting it with people from other countries and other industries to see it through their eyes, then see how much broader your perspective gets and how much deeper your understanding goes.


Ben Hassett

2015 Scholar. From Murtho in South Australia

Just look for reasons why you can apply and not for reasons why you can’t! A Nuffield scholarship is “that good” of an opportunity.

The reality is that we are all busy and can find plenty of things on the farm to occupy ourselves. In fact, we can often believe that the business wouldn’t be able to function without us if we were away.

The truth is it can and will. It will take some planning but it is possible – just ask any Nuffielder!

The real questions to ask yourself are: How will I learn where my business fits in the global marketplace? Where will I see farms and businesses that will influence my thinking for years to come? What are the latest techniques and discoveries in my and other agricultural fields? When will I get a chance to challenge the way I view farming and the world? How will I form links with an inspiring and motivated group of national and international peers? The answer is by applying for a Nuffield Farming Scholarship.

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