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Steve Grist – 2018 Nuffield Scholar

Steve Grist from Koah near Cairns in Queensland, receives a Scholarship supported by Hort Innovation.

Steve will research how growers can adapt from large broadacre farms to more dynamic systems such as Small Plot Intensive (SPIN), bio-intensive, syntropic and permaculture farming systems.

He said these systems now attract a large community following and, are arguably, part of the second green revolution. In his research, Steve will study which systems will be most appropriate and commercially viable in Australian farming.

Steve owns and operates Cairns Microgreens and Exotics, which supplies mixed potted microgreens as well as a range of sunflower shoots, wheatgrass, edible flowers, and other mixed exotics. He believes due to the global challenges of climate change, soil degradation and population growth, industry will need to develop more sustainable and efficient farms in the future.

“The ‘Paddock to plate’ movement is becoming increasingly popular. Through this trend and Community Supported Agriculture operation’s (CSAs), which interface with a growing portion of the public, there is an increasing number of primary producers adopting organic and regenerative practices,” Steve said.

“As a research priority, I want to investigate how to best build and promote these production systems. For my benefit and that of the industry, I want to study the links between the SPIN and Urban farming, innovative producers and CSAs.”

Steve will travel to Germany, Costa Rica, Cuba, North America and Japan to study various CSA farming systems.

Phone: 0438 454 435

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Website: Facebook: @hortinnovation Twitter: @Hort_Au

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