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Nuffield Conferences

The Nuffield National Conference is the major event on the Nuffield calendar, enabling approximately 350 scholars, investors and industry stakeholders an opportunity to network. There are two conference days, the annual awards gala dinner and a post-conference regional tour. The conference features returning scholar presentations, presentations to newly selected scholars and a number of high quality keynote speakers from primary industries—both national and international

This event is held in the third week of September annually and it rotated through states and territories.

Investing in Nuffield

We welcome investment by businesses to our national conference. It enables excellent networking, knowledge and understanding of industry-specific issues and opportunities, and the latest research in primary production from 25 returning scholars who present the findings of their scholarship study.

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Following a thorough evaluation, the board agreed on a new format for our events from July 2012, which includes bringing all the previous year’s scholars together at one venue and one time to present their respective findings to their peers. This brings critical mass to the event and incentivises all the alumni and stakeholders to participate.

This change means that a scholarship ‘year group’ will be selected and awarded as one. They will also present together, thereby cementing relationships within the year group. The board believes that it strengthens friendships between scholars involved in the same sector, thereby assisting to build future industry groups. Therefore, we host one major, national conference in September annually.

The tours objectives are as follows:

  • To give returning Scholars a forum to present their reports to their peers together.
  • To give prospective applicants an opportunity to meet alumni in a non-threatening environment.
  • To raise the profile of Nuffield as a precursor to the application process.
  • To give our sponsors an opportunity to engage with Nuffield in an informative and relaxed atmosphere.
  • To give Nuffield Scholars an opportunity to socialise, relax and network with other alumni at a reasonable cost.
  • It gives the Nuffield a focus too. It allows a face-to-face Board meeting, a debriefing of returning Scholars and gives an opportunity for further improvement of presentation skills for all presenting Scholars.
  • To give all Scholars and stakeholders the opportunity to visit businesses and meet interesting people who are innovators and strategic thinkers.
  • At various functions it also allows alumni to listen to and participate in speeches, presentations and panel sessions with other interested people.

Please see reports from all previous Conferences, Autumn and Spring Tours via the Conference link above.

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