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2018 Scholarships Calendar

April 1, 2017

Applications open.

June 16, 2017

Applications close.

July 2017

State-based interviews held.

August 14-15, 2017

Final national interviews held.

September 18-22 2017

Nuffield National Conference in Darwin. Scholarship awarded, briefing day, two-day conference and a study tour.

March 2018

All 2018 Nuffield Scholars from around the world attend the Contemporary Scholars Conference (CSC), held in The Netherlands.

March/April 2018

Global Focus Program (GFP) Group one travels to South Africa, Kenya, Eastern Europe, Europe and USA (itinerary to be confirmed).

GFP Group two travels to Brazil, USA, Mexico, Ireland, France and New Zealand (itinerary to be confirmed).

GFP Group three travels to Chile, Canada, Europe (Netherlands and Italy) and USA (itinerary to be confirmed).

June/July 2018

GFP Group four travels to Singapore, India, Qatar, Europe, UK and USA (itinerary to be confirmed).

GFP Group five travels to Singapore, the Philippines, Hong Kong, China, Canada, USA and UK (itinerary to be confirmed).

GFP Group six travels to Singapore, Indonesia, Japan, Israel, Europe, UK and USA (itinerary to be confirmed).

January 2019

Final written report deadline.

September 2019

All 2018 scholars present the findings of their studies verbally at the Nuffield Australia National Conference.

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