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Newsletter: Tas Report

By Michael Chilvers, 2012 Scholar and Chair

December 2017

Much of Tasmania has experienced a prolonged dry winter and spring, with the east coast setting new records for the period. High livestock and wool prices have provided a buffer for many producers. However, it is disappointing to be unable to maximise returns and incur high costs associated with supplementary feeding.

Like much of south east Australia, we saw a significant frost event in the first week of November whilst grain and canola crops were susceptible. The results of this will be realised when harvesting starts in late-December and into the New Year.

There is growing confidence in dairy. Grass production is good where water is plentiful and recent rains will ensure pasture growth well into 2018.

The quality of our scholarship enquiries was high again this year and it is a testament to the regard with which Nuffield is held in the community. A big thank you to the alumni and investors who are constantly on the lookout for potential applicants.

We are all delighted that Robin Tait was successful and received the 2018 Tasmanian state scholarship, supported by Blundstone, The Robert Gatenby Memorial Trust and Tasmanian Alkaloids. Unfortunately, our fourth supporter chose to realign their investments, but it is with gratitude we welcome the Bruce Wall Trust who came to our assistance with Robin’s scholarship. It is hoped this is the beginning of an ongoing relationship with the Bruce Wall Trust that supports many community groups and education opportunities.

I would like to take this opportunity to sincerely thank the state executive, as well as the wider alumni, for their support and assistance in 2017, and we look forward to catching up at the upcoming AGM in early 2018.

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