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Media Release: New Nuffield Australia Chair to drive new scholarship

andrew-fowlerNuffield Australia has welcomed a new Chairman, Andrew Fowler from Western Australia, a 2000 Nuffield Scholar and experienced Director, having been on the board since 2011.

Mr Fowler, who runs a 28,000-hectare mixed cropping and livestock property near Esperance, was appointed Chairman following the Annual General Meeting (AGM) during last month’s National Conference in Adelaide.

His first call of business will be to advocate the introduction of a new farming scholarship, supported by the proud and ever growing Nuffield Alumni.

“With a healthy Alumni that now boasts more than 400 Scholars, we are in a great position culturally and financially to support a scholarship, and give back to the program that has given so much to all of us over the years,” Mr Fowler said.

“This is something the Nuffield Board has been working through for a while under previous Chair Andrew Johnson, so I’m very keen to see this new award come to fruition during my term as Chair.”

Outgoing Chairman and 2005 Scholar Andrew Johnson said he was looking forward to seeing the exciting direction his successor will take the organisation.

“In the last three years we’ve made healthy progress, and I’m confident that Andrew Fowler, with his sound judgement and ability to think strategically, will ensure this growth continues.”

During his three-year tenure as Nuffield Chairman, Mr Johnson helped grow the Annual National Conference, as well as playing a key role in the positioning and development of Nuffield International. He also oversaw the transition of CEOs from Jim Geltch AM to Jodie Dean earlier this year.

“It was an extremely busy period, and I’m proud to say that we’ve achieved a great deal in that short space of time, including the development of our new strategic plan which highlights the valuable relationship Nuffield has with its alumni and investors,” he said.

“I’ve had fantastic support from my fellow Directors, and of course the Nuffield CEOs during this period in Jim Geltch and now Jodie Dean, who are immensely pivotal to the recent success of Nuffield.”

Mr Fowler said that he is extremely excited about the challenge of being at the helm for the next three years.

“It’s a huge honour to be awarded the job of Nuffield Chair, and I’m looking forward to working alongside Jodie, the Directors and everyone involved in the Nuffield network, including of course my fellow scholars,” he said.

During the Nuffield AGM, 2009 Scholar Robert Bradley from Tasmania was elected to the board for his first term and 2008 Scholar Jane Bennett was re-elected for her second term. Other Director positions remain unchanged, along with Donald McGauchie AO and Michele Allan reappointed as special skills Directors to the Board.

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About Nuffield Australia:

Nuffield Australia is building capacity for Australian food and fibre industries to be world leading in adoption of technology, best practice and innovation. Nuffield Australia has been selecting scholars from Australian primary industries for over 60 years.

Today there are over 400 scholars in Australia who, through their scholarship, have significant insight into global agriculture. These scholars have gone on to influence industry and community changes resulting in productivity increases and new industry and economic development for rural communities across Australia.

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