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Eligibility, Tenure and Value



The Scholarships are open to men and women, who are:

1. Between 28-45 years of age. (Please note that exceptional candidates outside this age range will be considered);

2. Ordinarily a resident of Australia;

3. Engaged in farming or fishing as an owner or manager or an active member of a farming business; and

4. Intending to remain involved in primary production in Australia.

All scholars will be expected to present their findings verbally, and write a comprehensive report of their studies. This report remains the property of Nuffield Australia and may be published at Nuffield Australia’s discretion.


Initially there will be a briefing and attendance at the National Conference in September of the year selected (2017).

Following this, seven weeks of travel is an organised Contemporary Scholars Conference (CSC) and Global Focus Program (GFP) of group study, usually comprising of visits to New Zealand, Asia, the Americas and Europe. The CSC is held in early-March 2018. GFP groups depart in March 2018 and June 2018 with scholars invited to nominate a tour preference (there are six GFPs), respecting that there is a need for balanced numbers on each tour. Nuffield Australia reserves the right to allocate or limit the places offered in any particular tour.

Following the GFP, scholars undertake eight weeks of individual study at their discretion.

Scholars will report both in writing (within eight months of the commencement of their GFP) and verbally at the National Conference, to be held in September 2019.

Value of the Award

An allowance of $A30,000.00 will be provided. However, Nuffield will withhold some funding as an assurance on the submission of an approved report..

Scholars will pay for costs associated with the National Conference, CSC, GFP and report presentations from the $A30,000.00 bursary. Nuffield may withhold funds at its discretion to cover these costs. Scholars acknowledge that their expenses may ultimately be greater than the bursary, especially if multiple overseas trips are required, exchange rates are unfavourable, or if partners/family decide to accompany them. Scholars must personally cover all out-of-pocket additional expenses.

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