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Daniel Meade

Nuffield Australia 2017 Scholarship winner


Daniel Meade, from Garvoc (near Warrnambool) in Victoria, receives a 2017 Nuffield Scholarship supported by the William Buckland Foundation.

He will investigate industry representation and the importance of agriculture to rural communities.

He plans to closely examine the most successful agricultural bodies in the world and the learning opportunities that may apply to the Australian agriculture context as a result.

Daniel is involved in a 125-hectare heifer rearing business, which he and his wife have been a part of since 2013.

Daniel is married to Micheala and they have two children, Seamus and Ailish, both under the age of two years.

Daniel hopes his research will be particularly pertinent to achieving more representative Australian agricultural policies that benefit the broader agricultural industry, as well as the many communities that rely heavily on agriculture in our country.

“My report will be available to all the industry bodies in Australia to help them learn how other countries succeed in this area,” Daniel says.

“If even a small percentage of my findings can result in some farmers earning an improved income, fairer contracts, or better conditions, this then flows on to their rural communities to benefit more broadly.  I would be truly delighted with this kind of success.”

Daniel is an Associate Board Member with WestVic Dairy.  He plans to use his Nuffield Scholarship experience to continue to represent local farmers, and their rural communities, and to help them succeed in the dairy industry and beyond.

Daniel plans to travel to the United Kingdom, the United States, India, China, Canada and New Zealand.


Location: Garvoc, Victoria
Mobile: 0448 916 221
Scholarship report:
Returning Scholar presentation:


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