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Scholar profile. Paul Inderbitzin

Published on 15 Sep, 2015 in Media, Scholar profiles

Whether it’s for environmental or financial reasons, far north Queensland banana grower Paul Inderbitzin is convinced strict biosecurity...

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Scholar profile. Carly Bussenschutt

Published on 15 Sep, 2015 in Media, Scholar profiles

South Australian prime lamb producer Carly Bussenschutt believes Australian sheep producers have some way to go to maximize the...

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Scholar profile. David Cook

Published on 18 Aug, 2015 in Media, Scholar profiles

In just six years, Victorian farmer David Cook has gone from a tyne-based seeding system and burning stubbles to full stubble retention...

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Scholar profile. Jodie Redcliffe

Published on 06 Aug, 2015 in Media, Scholar profiles

After setting out to find out the latest alternatives to bedding materials for chicken sheds, 2013 Nuffield Scholar Jodie Redcliffe was so...

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Scholar profile. Paul Green

Published on 21 Jul, 2015 in Media, Scholar profiles

With most Australian farmers relying on the traditional method of buying machinery from the local dealer, grain farmer Paul Green believes...

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Scholar profile. Antony Vagg

Published on 16 Jul, 2015 in Media, Scholar profiles

While all farmers want to make more money from their enterprises, Antony Vagg believes his industry in particular has a real opportunity...

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Scholar profile. Jason Size

Published on 18 Jun, 2015 in Media, Scholar profiles

You might think buying a nectarine is as easy as walking into a supermarket and picking a piece up off the tray. But according to South...

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2016 Scholarship applications closing June 30th

Published on 15 Jun, 2015 in Media

From learning about melon farming in Indonesia to visiting Japanese supermarkets, 2015 Nuffield Scholar Bernadette Mortensen has learnt...

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Scholar profile. Kara Knudsen

Published on 18 May, 2015 in Media, Scholar profiles

Northern Australia is a unique area of the country in many ways, and cattle production is no different. In fact, Queensland beef producer...

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Scholar profile. Guy Hebblewhite

Published on 08 May, 2015 in Media, Scholar profiles

Managing costs is important to all businesses, but in the intensive world of meat chicken production, it’s critical. For New South Wales...

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