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Ben Edser

Nuffield Australia 2016 Scholarship winner

Ben Edser, from Graceville in Queensland, receives a Nuffield Scholarship supported by the RIRDC Chicken Meat Program.

He will investigate how intensive livestock production operations can effectively manage waste and whether by-products can be used as organic fertiliser, soil conditioner and as an effective input for cogeneration and renewable energy. He will also study alternative bedding used in poultry sheds.

Ben is the general manager of a business that has diversified into agricultural waste management and the cleaning out of poultry sheds.

His business removes, cleans and composts 35,000-cubic metres of waste, which is sold to the horticultural industry as organic fertiliser and soil conditioner.

Ben plans to use his scholarship to investigate whether the waste from poultry and other intensive livestock farming operations can be used as an alternative energy and revenue stream and the potential to reduce operational costs in this sector.

“When looking at the poultry industry, the largest input costs or areas of highest risk in relation to production are spent litter, fresh litter and electricity,” he says.

“I hope my research will assist in the development of better management of waste systems for intensive livestock production and identify opportunities for an alternative income streams.

Ben plans to travel to China, Europe and the United States.

Location: Graceville, Queensland
Mobile: 0438 337 960
Scholarship report:
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