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Adam Coffey

Nuffield Australia 2016 Scholarship winner

Adam Coffey, from Katherine in the Northern Territory, receives a Nuffield Scholarship supported by the NT Department of Primary Industry and Fisheries. He will investigate commercial cattle production and management tactics for rangeland and other marginal areas.

Adam and his wife Jacynta run about 600 head of Brahman cross breeders in a self-replacing herd and undertake opportunistic trading to spread risk on an agisted pastoral property. They are in the process of building stock numbers and fi ne-tuning herd management for long-term sustainability.

“I am really interested in the physical and financial aspects of producing cattle in marginal areas, whether that be as a result of low or unreliable rainfall or areas limited by poor soils,” Adam says.

“I know in our northern rangeland grazing operation, there are many opportunities to potentially gain or lose efficiencies or performance by trying to address our physical and economic issues.

“Through my scholarship, I can look at this on an international scale and get ideas about solutions to the problems we are facing at home and in other marginal production areas of Australia, including poor soil nutrition, use of supplements, low herd fertility and sometimes difficult animal husbandry operations.”

Adam plans to use his scholarship to visit marginal areas of Africa, Canada, India, South America and the United States.

Location: Katherine, Northern Territory
Mobile: 0419 552 225
Scholarship report:
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